Karin Carlson, Actor

Hi! I'm Karin Armbrust. I am currently in transition. This website design is a holdover from days past and will be changing soon. So if you see any weirdness, you have been warned.

I came out to Seattle in 1996 to pursue stand-up comedy. Seattle is a great place if you are a baby comic. There are lots of opportunities to indulge yourself, even if most of it is unpaid. I got sidetracked by the idea of becoming an actor. Okay, I'm still sidetracked, but I the comedy route is a legitimate one into acting. Especially comedic acting. So as a part of my transition, I'm slowly moving back to stand-up. And still working my chops as an actor."

Things I Believe In:

Film-making is a collaborative endeavor. What this means to me is that I will be professional and behave myself on set, during the audition process, and any other activity. I also expect that others will also behave and there will be no actor abuse against me or anyone in front of me. I have had a horrendous experience with an acting teacher and I have no patience for silly power games.

We are all equal. I'm not talking equal "under the law" or pretending to be equal by using PC language. I'm talking about true equality.

Comedy is the highest art form. Don't poo poo me! Comedy is the one place we can go to tell the truth, to talk about the things that we are not supposed to talk about. Comedy is on the same level as mythology. And, it's a lot harder to do.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me! And if it doesn't come, I will take it!