Karin Carlson, Actor
FILM - Independent
spaceOnce In A Lifetime (as Karin Carlson) Principal Seattle Film Institute
spaceMeeting the Professor (as Karin Carlson) Principal Diego Resendez/John Lemar
spacePolice Beat (as Karin Carlson) Principal Northwest Film Forum
spaceThe Drinkmore Cafe (as Karin Carlson) Principal The Drinkmore Cafe Productions
spaceA Wake (as Karin Carlson) Principal Seattle Film Institute
spaceDaddy' Girl (as Karin Carlson) Principal Seattle Central CC
spaceOut Of Hand (as Karin Carlson) Principal Seattle Central CC
spaceAll She Can Carry (as Karin Carlson) Principal Seattle Central CC
space35th Street Mission (various)
space(as Karin Carlson)
Principal 0816 Studios
spaceHighway 9 Casino (as Karin Carlson) Featured Highway 9 Casino
spaceThe Quitter (as Karin Carlson) Principal Machete Broadcast Design
spaceCarlotta's Late Night Wing Ding
space(as Karin Carlson)
Norrida Nineacre Open Circle Theater
spaceThe Cutest Show on Earth Principal Let's Pretend Entertainment
spaceThe Vagina Monologues
space(as Karin Carlson)
Ensemble Shoreline Theater
spaceMaterial Girls Ensemble Comedy Underground
spaceFinal SubGenius Re-Devival The Goddess Nu Nu On the Boards
space!Apocalepsy Now! Sister Kali de Rouge Ballard Firehouse Theatre
Acting/Scene Study-
spaceScene Study/Monologues John Jacobsen
spaceActing for TV & Film Steven Anderson
spaceThe Empowered Actor Stephen Salamunovich
spaceMonologues/Auditioning Karen Kohlhaas
spaceActors' Boot Camp The Acting Corp, L.A.
spaceCold Reading for Film/TV Level Glenn Haines
spaceAdvanced Scene Study/Camera Tony Doupe'
spaceActing For the Camera Richard Brestoff (Freehold)
spaceThe Character Reel The Second City
spaceImprovisation Unexpected Productions
spaceImprovisation I & II Matt Smith (Freehold
spaceCharacters Troy Mink
spaceOrganic Improvisation Todd Stashwick
spaceVoice-over Gin Hammond (Freehold)
spaceVoice-over Pat French
spaceJazz Singing Katie King
spaceSolo Performance Marc Kenison (Freehold)
spacePersonal Clown George Lewis (Freehold)
spaceStage Firearms Kevin Inouye
spaceViewpoints/Suzuki John Abramson/Cyrus Khambatta (Freehold)
spaceBasic Stage combat Seattle Stage Combat